Visit Malaga with Your Dog: Travelling with Pets is a Reality

Visiting Malaga with a dog? Really? Sure! If you are thinking of visiting the trendiest city with your dog, you must know you are on the right path. Some time ago, travelling was such a dilemma because we had to do it without our pets, but visiting Malaga with your dog is now possible and you can experience it in a Premium atmosphere. In addition, if you are a sea lover, there is a wide range of options if you and your pet are looking forward to diving in canine beaches or walking around them enjoying its wonderful sunsets.

Grupo Premium hosts you and your dog in our apartments, located in the very downtown of Malaga. The apartments are pretty close to the most symbolic landmarks of this amazing city. The best part? You can visit them in the company of your pet.

Malaga Premium Apartments: A Truly Dog-friendly Lodging

In Malaga, the idea of having to travel without our pets is already history. In 2017, the city passed the Ordenanza Municipal de Bienestar y Protección Animal (an ordinance on animal welfare and protection), a set of regulations that support the creation of initiatives that involve our pets and allow them to visit a wide variety of spaces. Sounds great, right?

Since then, there are many businesses have joined this initiative and our holiday apartments are no exception. Don’t think it twice and organize your canine getaway with us.

alojamiento pet-friendly malaga viajar con perros

First of all, you can choose where to stay over: in Calle Granada or Calle San Telmo. In the first location, you’ll find studio flats and stylish apartments that will feel like home. In San Telmo, you can benefit from the broad terraces where it is possible to unwind and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle, perhaps a more spacious choice if you are travelling with your dog.

Discover the Canine Beaches and Great Natural Spots with Your Pet

When travelling with your dog to Malaga, naturally you’ll want to make the most of the good weather by planning outdoor activities. Our canine beaches are one of the main options where your pet and you will be able to go for a walk, play and take a refreshing dip easily.

If you don’t feel like leaving the city, an idyllic beach for dogs is Arroyo Totalán, located between La Araña and La Cala del Moral in the town Rincón de la Victoria. However, if you don’t mind leaving the city and driving some kilometres, there are many other alternatives.

playas para perros en malaga

There are plenty of ways to enjoy ourselves with our four-legged friends from end to end. Some proposals are the canine beaches Torre del Mar and Playa El Pinillo in Marbella, where there are usually not too many people, which is perfect to take a break from the city crowd. Halfway, you can try the waves at Playa del Castillo Sohail in Fuengirola or at Playa de Piedra Paloma in Casares, to name just a few.

Another great way to cool off without stepping on the beach is the Natural Park of El Chorro, located between the towns of Árdales and Alora. There you’ll find reservoirs and you’ll enjoy the incredible views thanks to the endless routes across the mountains.

Dog Parks in Malaga: An Attractive Choice If You Are Coming with Your Pet

Maybe you are not really into having a bath and you would rather go for a walk with your dog in a green area around Malaga. As an example, at Parque El Morlaco you’ll find an area for dogs weighing more than 10 kg and another for those weighing less than 10 kg. Another of the most famous dog parks in Malaga is the Parque de la Barriguilla, which is known for its huge area of more than 3000 m2: an ideal place for your dog to run and play. It is located between the shopping centre Alameda and the City of Justice.

parques para perros en malaga

We hope this advice helped you a bit if you are planning to travel with your dog to Malaga. As you have already seen, the possibilities are countless, and you won’t have to give up any of your favourite plans, Please stay tuned to this blog entry since we’ll update the plans regularly, so you don’t miss any occasions or trendy places to make plans with dogs in Malaga.

Don’t wait any longer and book your stay in the Grupo Premium apartments! By staying here, your pet and you won’t miss a thing of the most emblematic spots around the city and the province.

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