amigos brindado en año nuevo 2022

Looking for a good plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve dinner in Malaga? Then you are in the right place! At Batik and La Fábrica it is all ready as for you to live an unforgettable experience in the funniest and craziest night of the year.

Get ready for your best attires! Ney Year’s Eve Party is around the corner. You only must follow a rule to celebrate it with us: being eager to have fun with your beloved ones and of course, willing to enjoy a menu that will surprise you. We’ll take care of the atmosphere and the fun. Curious to know what we have prepared? Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

New Year’s Eve Dinner 2022 at Batik: Live a Magical Evening at the downtown of Malaga

Welcoming a new year is always such a ritual: a unique and special moment worthy of celebration. That is why at Batik we suggest you a very fun evening full of magic, flavour and the best music, all in the very heart of Malaga. Is there a better place to say goodbye to 2022?

At Batik we have prepared a menu for New Year’s Eve dinner 2022 that will leave no one unmoved. We’ll start warming up with a welcome drink, as well as with and some delicious and original starters. Among them, you can taste a Crunchy ricotta with cane syrup and kalamata that will surprise you thanks to its intense combination of textures and a Foie, pistachio and orange bonbon that will water your mouth. On the top, the explosive Small squids’ ravioli with caccio e pepe, and saffron and almonds cream.

menu de la cena de nochevieja de batik en malaga

Amazing, isn’t it? This is just the beginning. As main courses of the New Year’s Eve menu there are Cava Sea bass with seafood and Cow loin with demi-glace sauce of chestnuts and roasted pumpkin. Two delicious and elegant bites for the most iconic dinner of the year.

The sweetest and most festive touch of this New Year’s menu will be a semifreddo dessert of nougat and chocolate with pistachio praline. Of course, at 12 o’clock you will be able to say goodbye to 2022 eating the lucky grapes at the beat of the traditional bells.

Once we have toasted to welcome the new year with Cava Juve Camps Cinta Púrpura, it’s the time to kick off the party at Batik with the best music of our DJ. Besides, the menu also includes four drinks and mid-night snacks so you keep moving your body all night long.


The Most Daring Plan for New Year’s Eve Dinner in Malaga Is at La Fábrica

If New Year’s Eve dinner at Batik has left you looking forward to December 31, you’ll have the same feeling with the plan we have prepared to say goodbye to the year at La Fábrica.

The evening will start to get intense from the very first moment. After having the welcome drink you will be able to enjoy the starters, which are made with our best local products and culinary techniques of all around the world. Let’s delight yourself with Steak tartar, glass bread and fresh herbs butter, the Iberian ham and fried garlic great creamy croquette, a touch of flavour that will explode in your mouth, and the intensity of the Kingprawn tartare with mango, creamy avocado and passion fruit vinaigrette.

If you believe there’s nothing can beat these starters then we have the main dishes with which you’ll continue sucking your fingers. You can taste the juicy Roasted octopus with red-pontiac potato parmentire and a spicy touch, and the Josper cooked beef sirloin, Bordeaux sauce with foie and shallots, shiitake mushrooms and chestnuts sautéed. All this combined with the best craft beers such as Cruzcampo Gran Reserva, Malagueta, IPA, Trigo Strong and Ale.

menu de la cena de nochevieja de la fabrica de cerveza en malaga

The highlight of this New Year’s Eve dinner menu will be a Caramelized puff pastry, textured nougat and berries. A light and fresh dessert with traditional Christmas products such as nougat or red fruits.

After the dinner, it’s time to get ready for the bells! At la Fábrica, you can eat the lucky grapes and toast with a glass of Camps Cinta Púrpura cava Then, it will be the moment to enjoy the cotillion, the drinks, the great atmosphere and the music played by our DJ. Furthermore, there are also included delicious mid-night snacks which will recharge your batteries to keep up with the New Year’s Eve party until the sun goes up.

cena de fin de año y fiesta en malaga capital

As you can see, at Batik and La Fábrica it is all ready as for you to live an unforgettable  New Year’s Eve dinner 2022 in the very heart of Malaga. If you are looking for a good plan to enjoy the New Year’s Eve party with your family or friends, rest assured that these proposals will impress you. It’s not only a Christmas dinner, but a culinary experience full of flavour and a unique and funny party at the downtown of the trendiest city. What more could you ask for?

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