The Magic of the White Night Festival Comes to La Terraza del Quizás

vistas de malaga en la noche en blanco desde la terraza del quizas

The White Night Festival 2022 has arrived! This October you have an appointment at La Terraza del Quizás. One of the most magical nights of the year, the White Night Festival, arrives on our terrace with a very special photographic exhibition. We liked it so much, that we had to extend the White Night to White Month; because it will be available for any visitor to our establishment throughout October. Are you ready to know more details? Take note:

  1. The White Night Festival 2022 in Malaga and The Four Elements
  2. Exhibition by UVE MTZ during The White Night Festival at La Terraza del Quizás
  3. Living The White Night Festival in Malaga with Premium Plans


The White Night Festival 2022 in Malaga and the Four Elements

The 13th edition of the White Night Festival arrives in Malaga next 8 October. This initiative, which seeks to celebrate and democratise art, arrived in our city in 2008, following the model of large European cities such as Paris, Madrid, Riga, Rome and Brussels. Nowadays, it is already part of our traditions, gaining more followers with each edition.

This year it will focus on the four elements as its common thread, so you can enjoy exhibitions whose main themes will be fire, water, earth and air. And that’s not all, because the already wide range of exhibitions adds a new category: the audio-visual arts. We know this increases the difficulty in deciding which exhibitions to attend since this event will only be available from 7 pm to 12 am.

la noche en blanco de malaga 2022 los elementos

Fuente: Ayuntamiento de Málaga


Exhibition by UVE MTZ during The White Night Festival at La Terraza del Quizás

Although the White Night Festival in Malaga does not need to be limited to just a few hours during a specific day. That is why La Terraza del Quizás will be joining the White Night Festival of Malaga in 2022. Because we want to be part of this initiative to bring art to all audiences. And, as we are aware that not everyone’s agendas have the same availability, we have decided to turn the White Night into the White Month, so that you can enjoy it whenever you want. For this reason, the exhibition by UVE MTZ will be available at La Terraza del Quizás in October.

Through the work Naturaleza Futura, UVE MTZ invites us on a journey into the future starring the fifth element, humanity, which adds to fire, earth, air and water to rediscover a possible near future. During this journey, we will learn about the importance of the balance between the fifth element and the other four that make up nature and the possible scenarios that could occur from 2022 to 2099. Are you joining us on this adventure into the future?

obra naturaleza futura de la noche en blanco en malaga 2022


Living The White Night Festival in Malaga with Premium Plans

Focusing on this plan, now is the time to organize your most Premium White Night. You can start the day at La Terraza de San Telmo, on the top floor of our holiday apartments in Calle San Telmo. With some music and good cocktails, you will enter the atmosphere of the White Night Festival. Thanks to its comfortable space, it’s the perfect place to take a look at the programme of events and organise the rest of the evening.

An exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art? A visit to the Picasso Museum? The history of card games at the MUPAM? The choices are almost endless.

If you focus so much on sightseeing, there will come a time when you need to regain your strength. We recommend you visit the restaurants that Grupo Premium offers at Málaga Premium Hotel or Hotel Alcazaba Premium. If you prefer having a snack in a unique atmosphere, we suggest you try tapas at La Fábrica microbrewery in Malaga’s Soho. You won’t regret it!

To close this unique cultural evening, there is nothing better than discovering the cultural offer by UVE MTZ at La Terraza del Quizás. Art, cocktails and an unparalleled atmosphere. See you on 8 October!

cocteles durante la noche en blanco en malaga en la terrraza del quizas


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