Descubre las mejores rutas para correr en Málaga: vive y corre la Costa del Sol

It’s no secret to runners that Malaga is home to some great running routes. Important sporting events such as the Marathon, the Half Marathon, the Ciudad de Málag urban race, and other great classics, such as the El Torcal – La Paz or the Mini-Maratón Peña El Bastón, clearly show locals and visitors from all over the world that Malaga is a place where you can run at pleasure. Thanks to urban environments that allow for improvised running routes in the centre of Malaga and its neighbourhoods and the option of being in the heart of nature in a few minutes, your visit to the Costa del Sol can also be a fantastic opportunity to discover the city on foot. Come on up!

Why Run in Malaga?
Best Running Routes in Malaga
Downtown-La Malagueta


Why Should You Run in Malaga?

With a 12 km long continuous seaside walk, you can admire the Bay of Malaga on a jogging path scattered with toilets, fountains, small urban fitness stations, and, of course, a lot of history. In 2022, the Malaga Half Marathon passed into account for being standardised as Europe’s second flattest 21 km race. Is that not enough reason to run in Malaga?

But that’s not all. Suppose you are looking for running routes on your visit to Malaga because you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In just a few minutes, you can trot through the natural landscape of the Guadalhorce river mouth or run under the shadow of the pines of the Natural Park Montes de Malaga. In that case, it is also important to remark that the pine forests of Monte de Gibralfaro and Monte Victoria are right in the center of Malaga. You will find trails that will test your endurance and treat you with breathtaking views from the Gibralfaro Castle towards the Bay of Malaga, the Alcazaba, the Plaza de Toros, and the whole historic centre.

The Best Running Paths in Malaga

For all those who, when going on a trip, think about running routes and pack their running shoes in their suitcases (needless to say that forgetting them would be a real mess), here is our unique selection for discovering Malaga the way we love it most: running. But not rushing!

Running Path: Downtown – La Malagueta Beach

Distance: Short
Terrain: Urban
Profile: Flat

This running path is an essential one in Malaga. It doesn’t matter which of our holiday apartment buildings you will be staying in. Only a few metres away from Calle Granada and Calle San Telmo, you will find the Plaza de la Constitución, the departure point of this running route that will allow you to discover Malaga with the help of Grupo Premium. Walk through the stylish Calle Larios, the capital’s most renowned street, and an outdoor shopping centre. When reaching Alameda Principal, turn to the left towards Paseo del Parque (Northside).

Take the chance to gaze at the cathedral and discover the antique Palacio de la Aduana, which nowadays is home to the Malaga Museum. Up ahead, three magnificent buildings complete the walkway: The Rectorado (Vice-Chancellor’s Office) of the University of Malaga, the headquarters of the Bank of Spain, and the City Hall, which is fondly known by locals as “The Big House by the Park.” At the end of the park, you will find the Fountain of the Three Graces, the bull ring (currently the Malagueta Cultural Centre), and beautiful views of the Alcazaba and the Castle of Gibralfaro.

At this point, our running path is approaching the Paseo Marítimo Antonio Banderas y Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Just take a selfie next to the Malagueta sign and run until the T-shaped breakwater. Refuel under the shade of the palm trees, or work out your strength in the calisthenics gym.

It’s time to walk back to the Plaza de Toros. From here, we return along the Paseo del Parque (South side), where we will probably find a gastronomic, handicrafts, or book fair. You’ll find a little donkey statue in the Platero playground, an homage to Juan Ramón Jiménez’s masterpiece. Once we get to the Plaza de la Marina, we only have to go up Calle Larios and cheer our victory in the Plaza de la Constitución.

This is such flat terrain, with paved ground and broad avenues. Even on the busiest days, enjoying yourself while running will be easy. Be extremely careful at road crossings! You will cross some of the city’s main roads, which can be congested.

Running Paths in Malaga: Pedregalejo Promenade

Distance: medium
Terrain: promenade
Profile: flat

One of the most marine running routes in Malaga. If you want to discover the Malaga capital’s fishermen’s quarter par excellence, you’re in the right place. We could take this route as an extension of our previous proposal. Indeed, a part of this second running path in Malaga lies not far from where the Malaga Marathon passes.

This path starts in the surroundings of the Balneario de los Baños del Carmen. On this historical beach in the capital, you will find the remains of the spa that used to be a meeting point for high society from all over the country at the dawn of the last century. The connoisseurs also claim that one can enjoy the most beautiful and authentic Malaga sunsets here.

Yet we’re here to run, aren’t we? Start the route east to find access to the Pedregalejo promenade. This promenade is a trendy place for running lovers in Malaga. With a length of more than 1 km, it surrounds six small (artificial) small bays, a popular bathing spot for local residents and families from all over the city.

If we continue our path in an eastern direction, we will cross a bridge over one of the capital’s streams and then enter the Palo district, always without leaving the promenade.

El Palo is the core of fishing in Malaga. A district dedicated to the sea and its traditions. We can enjoy the sea breeze on the walk, but we will also ” suffer” the smell of the sardines roasted on skewers in boats located in the sandy area. Who will be able to endure those last running kilometres along the promenade of Malaga?

If you don’t want to run out of the capital, you can always retrace your steps when reaching Marina Puerto del Candado. A charming harbour from where you can contemplate the Bay of Malaga to the West and the coasts of the Axarquia to the East.

If, as we recommend, you turn this running path in Malaga into a circular one, you will end up on the beach of the Baños del Carmen, from where you will enjoy the above-mentioned Malaga sunset, with the lights of the city reflected on the quiet waters of the Bay and the tower of the Cathedral rising above the Gibralfaro Mountain.

Running a Trail Path in Malaga: Gibralfaro Mountain

Distance: short
Terrain: urban + trails
Profile: mountainous

Now we introduce you to a running path through Malaga and its history. More than 2,000 years of history are condensed into just 3 kilometres. A journey with high and low points, like any story, but one that will surprise everyone. A different and original way of discovering the historic centre and getting ready for your visit to the city.

Stand in the glass pyramid on Alcazabilla Street, next to the Roman theatre. Enjoy the remains of the Roman city’s salting factories and admire the ruins of the theatre. You will feel like a gladiator about to face the physical challenge that means this running path in the centre of Malaga. Let’s get started!

Head north towards Plaza de la Merced. In the 15th century, it was the market square. Centuries later, it would witness the birth of one of Malaga’s most universal citizens: Picasso. Go clockwise around the square and enter Mundo Nuevo Street from Victoria Street. Here the path starts to climb along a track that turns into a forest road in a few metres. As we zigzag under the pine forests of the Gibralfaro mountain, we will reach a height of almost 120 metres. The path joins the Camino de Gibralfaro and leads to the entrance gate to the castle. If you cross the parking lot and leave the gate behind you, you can continue this path and run under the building wall that frames the panoramic view of Malaga.

Now, walk down the paved path with many viewpoints until you reach the Mirador de la Coracha. You can enjoy stunning views of Malaga Town Hall and the Alcazaba from here. Go down through the Puerta Oscura Gardens and end the path at the Museum of Malaga, next to Alcazabilla Street, where our challenge begins.

Refresh yourself at the Batik restaurant of Hotel Alcazaba Premium and discover an excellent view of the path you have just completed. Do you fancy another running path?

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