The Holiday Apartments in Malaga Invite You to Discover the Exclusive Premium People’s Club

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If you have already visited our holiday apartments in Malaga and you know every accommodation and catering offer of Premium Group, you will know our absolute priority is you. Therefore, from today, we invite you to be part of our exclusive Premium People’s Club, with which you can enjoy endless cultural and gastronomic experiences. Do you want to know what are the advantages of our Club? Keep reading and we will tell you everything.

Tourist Apartments in Malaga: A Fundamental Part of the Premium People’s Club

At Malaga Premium Apartments we want to pay tribute to the most loyal customers of Premium Group and to all those gourmets who are constantly looking for the most exclusive gastronomic experiences. To this end, we have created the Premium People’s Club, where our customers will have access to an endless number of advantages and experiences that could only be found in a premium people’s club. Ready to join the Premium family?

The first thing you need to know is that joining the Premium People’s Club is easy. You will only have to visit our Malaga tourist apartments website and sign up with your email. From the moment we confirm your registration, you can start enjoying countless benefits as a Premium member. What are all these advantages? We’ll tell you about them right away.

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First of all, you will get the best price guaranteed in all the establishments of the Premium Group, as well as the possibility of choosing late checkout and early check-in. This way, we make sure that your stay in our hotels and holiday apartments in Malaga is as complete as possible. Because we know you’re looking forward to arriving and you’re having a hard time leaving!

Savour the Gastronomic Experiences of the Premium People’s Club

Now that your stay is completely tailored to your needs, it’s time to get to know the city and experience everything Malaga has to offer. As a member of the Premium People’s Club, you will have priority access to all the activities organised by Preámbulo, the non-agenda of Premium Group. These activities range from visiting impressive art exhibitions to tasting a wide variety of events and gastronomic experiences.

On the other hand, your Premium passport also opens the door to incredible offers and exclusive promotions that you can take advantage of in any of the Premium Group establishments. As if that were not enough, you will be able to take part in contests and raffles exclusive to Club members.



Finally, is there any better reason to become a member of our club than the possibility of enjoying incredible gastronomic experiences with the hallmark of Premium Group? As a member of the Premium People’s Club you will have preferential access to any of our restaurants. Whether you love fusion cuisine or you want some tapas accompanied by the best craft beers, being a member of the Club you can taste everything.

In short, whether you have just met the Premium family or you are already a stalwart, the Premium People’s Club is for you. Do not wait any longer and enjoy the wide variety of cultural, sensory and gastronomic experiences that we have prepared for you. In addition, the Club’s benefits will be renewed and expanded so that your visit to downtown Malaga is always the most complete. Welcome to the Premium People’s Club!

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