Holiday Apartments in Malaga: Discover the Advantages of Staying at Apartamentos Málaga Premium

The holidays are here and the holiday apartments are once again one of the most requested types of accommodation. However, many people are still unaware of the benefits of this kind of accommodation and what it can offer against a hotel. Therefore, Apartamentos Málaga Premium will clear some doubts about it.

Tourist Apartments or Holiday Rentals: The Space and Privacy You Need

Today we have at our disposal endless options of accommodation offers adapted to our tastes and preferences. However, many set aside traditional accommodation like hotels and prefer the independence and privacy offered by holiday apartments. And they are right! This accommodation usually stands out among people travelling for work, families or groups of friends, who are looking for a private and fully equipped environment in which to feel more free and comfortable. This way, they feel at home. In addition, regarding families or groups, it is vital to have a common space where having conversations, playing or sitting down to eat together.

At this point, another question arises: Should we go for a tourist apartment or a holiday rental? Choosing is not always easy. For practical purposes, both homes offer you the space and privacy you’re looking for, but they have a big difference in terms of organization. Holiday rentals are private homes whose owners are in charge of managing everything for their guests. However, if you prefer to have the confidence and support of a brand and a professional organization, it is always advisable to choose accommodations such as our holiday apartments in Malaga.

Hotel or Tourist Apartments in Malaga: Quality and Comfort to Rest and Enjoy

On the other hand, even if we are looking for independence, privacy and great spaces to share, who doesn’t like to indulge in the comfort of a hotel from time to time? The enthusiasts of hotels are certain: holidays are the chance to rest from the routine and to feel that you are out of home. Quality guarantee in all services, restaurants where you can discover new flavours, interactions with other guests… These are some of the main attractions of hotels, which differentiate them from tourist apartments.


However, many guests prioritise the economic aspect and prefer the more competitive price offered by the tourist apartments in Malaga. In particular, groups often choose a holiday apartment to share expenses and not to stay in several rooms without a private space where meeting. In addition, they have a fully equipped space adapted to all their needs.

Holiday Apartments in Malaga: Discover Everything They Can Offer

Apartamentos Málaga Premium are the ideal combination of the autonomy and privacy offered by a tourist apartment and the management of a professional group that guarantees the highest quality in its services. These 32 tourist apartments in Malaga, located in two buildings in calle Granada and calle San Telmo, have plenty of services that will win your heart from the first moment: spacious areas with cosy decoration, private terrace, spectacular views of the city centre, etc.

With a desirable location from which you can visit all the main tourist attractions in Malaga and feel the city like one more local. These apartments and design studios offer everything you need to feel at home. But the best thing is that you will not have to give up anything: Apartamentos Málaga Premium have the organization and professional quality of Premium Group, the private space you are looking for and a very competitive price. In addition, if you do not want to miss the opportunity to taste the dishes of a hotel restaurant, you can always go to the renowned Malaga restaurants by Premium Group: Yubá, Bendito and Batik.

Now that you know all the benefits of our Malaga tourist apartments, are you ready for your next visit? Do not hesitate and discover everything that Apartamentos Málaga Premium has to offer. We will be waiting for you!


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