What to Buy in Malaga to Enjoy the City at Home Too

Que comprar en malaga

Do you know what to buy in Malaga to enjoy the best of the city when you are back home? Malaga is full of culture, art exhibitions, events and, above all, gastronomy. With a wide variety of typical products, Malaga has something for everyone and every visitor. To make your search easier and dedicate your time to enjoying the city, we will make it very easy for you. In this post, you will find the Malaga local products you should look for to take Malaga home, for you, your family and friends. Gifts and souvenirs from Malaga that no visitor should miss.

Tortas Ramos
Antigua Casa de Guardia
Olive Oil


Tortas Ramos: Malaga Local Product with Mediterranean Ingredients

If there is a typical Malaga product, that is the “oil cake”. Popular all around the province, Tortas Ramos is the capital’s quintessential brand. In its preparation, top quality ingredients are used, including Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

But the real success of Ramos cakes lies in their authentic and traditional flavour since the original recipe of the founder has not changed in all these years, as the Malaga brand claim. Wheat flour, sugar, honey, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable shortening, yeast, spices and natural essences are all you need to eat Malaga in a bite. The quality of the ingredients and the traditional production guarantee a product life of up to 90 days from its manufacture.

Tortas Ramos

On the other hand, among the Malaga products of Tortas Ramos you may find its particular version of the famous “Locas” (Crazy) cakes: a delicious sponge cake filled with cream covered with toasted egg yolk crust.

Take home the local breakfasts and snacks with the confidence and guarantee of a local company committed to the quality of its products and traditional production.

Wines from Malaga at the Antigua Casa de Guardia

A symbol of the city, the Antigua Casa de Guardia will help those who do not know what wine to buy in Malaga to enjoy at home.

Its tavern in the heart of Alameda Principal will allow you to taste its great variety of traditional Malaga wines. Of course, paired with tapas and dishes that will delight the most demanding visitors. Crossing the threshold of this mythical Malaga tavern transports you back in time. The Antigua Casa de Guardia has been serving its wines since 1840 and the barrels that fill the room are witnesses to the passage of time.

Taberna antigua casa de guardia


If after this wine experience in the tavern you would like to take a piece of this picturesque corner of Malaga, now it is possible. It would be difficult to recommend just one of their wines, but what is certain is that there is one for each taste. You can even take a bottle filled with the wines from the barrels of the tavern, in addition to the ones already bottled in their cellar (located in Olías, to the east of Malaga). Our favourite is the Pajarete 1908, the traditional one; but any of its wines made with the local grapes Moscatel de Alejandría and Pedro Ximénez will be a success at your table.

These are typical Malaga products! With the confidence of one of the local wineries with the most experience in distribution. Aren’t you going to share these wines with your family and friends when you get home?

Olive Oil: Liquid Gold Typical from Malaga

That Andalusia is the home of olive oil is nothing new. With an annual production of around 85% of the national total, we know what we are talking about when it comes to quality olive oil. This figure also makes us the main producing region in the world. But, with so many millions of litres of oil, what do I have to buy in Malaga to enjoy it big time, even at home?

Although in the province of Malaga we cannot compare ourselves, in terms of production, with other areas in Andalusia, we can boast of having some of the most special extra virgin olive oils. Visitors to Malaga can taste products as unique as “El Milenario”: an extra virgin olive oil made in Periana, with olives from thousand-year-old olive trees of the variety Verdial, which can only be found in this remote region of the Axarquia. Its beautiful glass container makes the Milenario the perfect gift or treat.


aceite milenario


But, if you want to know which of these typical Malaga products is the best to take home, we recommend the oils Finca Latorre, Hacienda de Colchado and Cimat Álora XXII. These three oils were recently awarded the XX Award for the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the province of Malaga and have the seal of quality of Sabor a Malaga. What more could you ask for?

malaga aceite

And these are just some of the typical Malaga products that we can recommend. During your visit, you can discover what Malaga has to offer. Keep an eye on this post and find out what you need to buy in Malaga to continue enjoying your visit, even when you return home. And what about you? What products do you think should not be missing from this list?

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