How to Escape from the Summer Heat in Malaga: The Most Complete Guide


Are you in the city and need to escape from the summer heat in Malaga? We know that summer can suffocate our city; therefore, Apartamentos Malaga Premium has prepared a complete guide to summer plans in Malaga. Whenever you have doubts about how to beat the heat in Malaga, come to this comprehensive list, and you will find new strategies to explore. What are you waiting for to start your refreshing summer plans?

What to Visit in Malaga in Summer

If you have visited Malaga before, you will know that the city offers a multitude of plans for the summer. Many of them involve suffering the high temperatures, such as a walk through the most emblematic monuments of downtown Malaga in the early afternoon. However, there are also many places to visit in Malaga in summer without suffering the consequences of the Malaga heatwave.


First, we suggest a visit to the museums. Malaga is a city full of art and culture and has many museums to visit without leaving the city centre. Some of the best-known are the Picasso Museum, the Centre for Contemporary Art, the Thyssen Museum, the Automobile and Fashion Museum, and the Centre Pompidou in Malaga. Still, there are many other exciting places you can discover this summer. We recommend you visit the Museum of Malaga, the Unicaja Museum of Popular Arts and Customs, or the Malaga Museum of Glass. You can explore lesser-known aspects of the city’s history and culture in each one. In addition, visiting museums is a perfect plan to beat the heat in Malaga, as they all have air conditioning. It is appreciated in these high temperatures, right?

If you want something more after you visit the museums, you can always visit La Fábrica and recharge your battery. In the facilities of the Soho in Malaga, you will not only enjoy the taste of good food paired with the best craft beers, but you can also attend live music concerts or participate in one of its alternative plans of guided tour through the facilities and beer tasting. Suppose we also add the advantage of escaping from summer heat and taking shelter in the fresh facilities of La Fábrica. In that case, the plan gets better, right?

On the other hand, we still have a perfect plan for summer. If you enjoy going to the countryside occasionally, we have the ideal plan for you. You probably know that forests and groves are the most fantastic places to go in summer to escape the heat. For this reason, we suggest a visit to La Concepción Historical-Botanical Gardens. Located in Ciudad Jardín, just a few minutes from the centre of Malaga, you can explore its hideouts, discover the great variety of species it houses, and, above all, beat the heat of Malaga while taking a pleasant walk in the shade of the trees.

Summer Plans in Malaga to Escape from Summer Heat

What do you think about the previous places to visit in Malaga in the summer? Read on for more if you want other plans to beat the summer heat.

One of the favourite summer plans in Malaga is the well-known summer cinema. This summer, Malaga City Council and Malaga Film Festival have teamed up to organize the Open-Air Cinema. It will cover all the districts of the city and will feature films, screenings, and free plays in various spaces such as beaches, parks, and squares. You won’t have to worry about the heat because the outdoor spaces will feature evening sessions. Can you think of a better plan?


You cannot miss Malaga summer concerts if you are passionate about live music. Already in May, the concert season begins and extends until September. During this summer, many artists choose the city of Malaga as a mandatory stop on their national and international tours. In addition, Malaga organises many music festivals, such as the Weekend Beach Festival, the Puro Latino Festival in Torremolinos, and the Cala de Mijas Festival, not forgetting the famous Festival Starlite Catalana Occidente. And the best thing about all these plans is that you can enjoy them at night. What better way to beat the heat than enjoying a concert in Malaga?


What did you think of these summer plans in Malaga? Remember: if you want to escape from the summer heat in Malaga, do not hesitate to go to this guide of Apartamentos Málaga Premium in search of ideas. Don’t forget this guide is in constant evolution!

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