San Telmo Rooftop Bar in Malaga: The New Arrival of the Premium Group Rooftop Bars

La Terraza de San Telmo opens its doors to the public! At last the moment we have been waiting for… The Premium family has a new member and we want to celebrate the arrival of our new rooftop bar in Malaga, which will take place during April. Do you want to know what experiences await you? Keep reading, you’re going to love them!

San Telmo Rooftop Bar Prepares its Grand Opening

As you know, our holiday apartments in Malaga have two buildings located on Granada Street and San Telmo Street. And from the month of April 2022, La Terraza del Quizás will no longer be the only rooftop bar at Apartamentos Málaga Premium. You will also have the opportunity to climb up to the top floor of our building in San Telmo street and enjoy the San Telmo rooftop bar.

This new addition to the rooftop bars in Malaga is a great step for our Premium family and an opportunity to offer you new Premium life experiences. Not only can you enjoy a perfect location in the heart of Malaga and spectacular views from above, but you will also find that the San Telmo rooftop bar is the ideal place to relax in the afternoon or while watching the sunset.

Thanks to its ethnic style, which combines elements from diverse cultures and crafts, you will feel as if you have suddenly travelled to a distant and exotic country. The warm and bright atmosphere, the printed fabrics and the carved solid wood furniture will contribute to recreating this atmosphere.

Rooftop Terraces in Malaga Allow You to Enjoy Premium Experiences

As if all this were not enough, at the San Telmo rooftop bar in Malaga you can taste a wide selection of our best cocktails. If you have already visited any of the Premium Group rooftop terraces in Malaga, you will know what we mean. However, if you have not yet had the opportunity to delight yourself with the creations of our master cocktail makers, we assure you that they do not cease to surprise us with each new flavour.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a place to organize your outdoor event, the San Telmo rooftop bar is the perfect place. Its excellent location in San Telmo street, the fascinating ethnic style that characterizes it and the exquisite cocktails that it offers result in the perfect combination to make your event a success. In addition, you will have an expert team in the organization of events in Malaga and the support of the gastronomic offer of the Premium Group restaurants. What are you waiting for to discover it by yourself?

Now that you have been able to see the wonders that await you on our new terrace, hurry up and don’t wait to come to visit us. Be very attentive to the opening date which will be very soon, this same month of April, and climb to our terrace in Malaga to enjoy an authentic Premium experience. Don’t let us down!

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