Malaga Festivities: Discover the Most Complete Premium Guide


Do you know all Malaga events? In our city we are always willing to celebrate and we do so several times throughout the year. If you want to know what‚Äôs on in Malaga and immerse yourself in the popular Malaga festivities and traditions, do not miss this complete guide of our Malaga Premium Apartments. In addition, as this guide is in constant evolution, you can always check it again so as not to miss any event. Let’s see what Malaga activities the coming months have in store for us!¬†

What’s on in Malaga in June:

1. Saint John’s Eve 

Saint John’s eve is one of the most popular events in Malaga. Every year, on the night of June 23rd to 24th, many Malaga residents and visitors gather on the beaches of the Malaga coast to celebrate this special night. 

Although this feast day owes its name to the well-known apostle, whose birth is commemorated on June 24th, in fact it is the celebration of the summer solstice. In this way, we welcome summer with numerous celebrations during the shortest night of the year. And not only in Malaga! Saint John’s eve extends to many regions in our country, even to other countries in the world. 


How do we celebrate this typical event in Malaga? There are many traditions, although, at present, many of them have disappeared. The most common tradition was undoubtedly the construction of bonfires in streets, squares and beaches. Groups of family and friends gathered around it to burn wishes or j√ļas, rag dolls that represented negative events, and jumped the flames to ward off bad luck. Although these bonfires are no longer usually done, a great show of fireworks and open-air dances are organised. In addition, during Saint John‚Äôs eve in Malaga it is also traditional to meet at the beach and take a bath at midnight to keep diseases away.¬†

Enjoy The Most Premium Saint John’s Eve 

As you know, in Grupo Premium we love to celebrate traditional events with you and what better occasion than Saint John‚Äôs eve to propose an authentic Premium experience. On June 23rd at 9:00‚ÄĮpm the restaurant in Malaga Bendito invites you to taste a delicious menu by candlelight while you let yourself be carried away by the sound of live music. ¬†


Would you like to taste the exquisite Grilled smooth clam and pisco sour foam? Or maybe you’d rather indulge in the gorgeous dish of Flamed tuna belly with green tomato gazpacho infused with vanilla and fried leek. If you are dying to taste a wide selection of delicacies typical of Premium haute cuisine, do not miss this appointment in Bendito. Make your reservation now and enjoy the Blessed Saint John‚Äôs Eve!¬†

Malaga Activities in July:

1. Virgin of Carmen

Another of the typical activities in Malaga are the well-known festivities of the Virgin of Carmen. July 16th is the day dedicated to the Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of sailors and fishermen, and many municipalities in Malaga are decorated to honour their Virgin. Due mainly to its long fishing tradition, it is worth mentioning the coastal municipalities of El Palo, Huelin, Pedregalejo or Torremolinos, which take part in this event full of solemnity and devotion. 


If you have never been to this event, we encourage you to do so because it is amazing. The celebration begins with a procession of the Virgin of Carmen from its usual altar to the beach, going through all the streets of the city. Then, once on the beach, they transport it offshore in a fishing boat called jábega, a typical boat of the fishing tradition in Malaga, surrounded by flowers, and walk it in a beautiful procession formed by all the boats of the city. In this way, an endless number of faithful ask their Virgin to continue protecting the city and all those who enter the sea. 

2. Dinner at La Terraza de San Juan

This July is the anniversary of the Malaga Premium Hotel, the perfect occasion to celebrate a top event in Malaga. La Terraza de San Juan invites you to join this celebration with a delicious dinner at the heights that will take place on July 10 at 9 p.m. Do you need more details to decide?


With the San Juan Tower at your side and the centre of Malaga at your feet, there is no better backdrop to taste an excellent menu with pairing. What do you think about starting with a delicious Corvina ceviche, cockles, and roasted avocado with coconut, lime, kefir, and sisho verdeguanciale oil? You’ll experience an explosion of flavours instantly! Or, if you do not fancy fish, you must know that the Mediterranean is much more than the sea: it also has coasts. How about the juicy Iberian prey of acorn in a marinade of green harissa to the robata on cassava with parmesan and cilantro vinaigrette and curry? Surely already watering…


But that’s not all. As you know, a Premium menu always tastes better paired with the best selection from our winery, such as the exquisite Dos Carlos, a Sauvignon Blanc with D.O. Navarra. What are you waiting for to book your table and join us next July 10 at 9 p.m.?

3. Paired Menu at Bendito

The Bendito restaurant also wanted to participate in the celebration of the sixth anniversary of the Malaga Premium Hotel and, for that reason, has prepared an exceptional dinner for next July 14. At this dinner, you will be able to taste the delicious dishes of a fantastic menu paired with the best of the Premium winery and, in addition, animated with the live music of Diego Lara. Do you want to blow out the candles with us at this great Malaga event?

Among the plates of this exquisite anniversary dinner, we introduce the delicious Summer Trio: roasted sardine, candied Guadalfeo tomato, and calm lettuce emulsion‚ÄĒa clear example of the local and modern cuisine of Bendito. And don’t miss the succulent Baked goat back cake with roasted Monte juice and Comte cheese, an authentic delight for the most select palates.

And, of course, you can pair all the dishes on this menu with an assortment of our wineries specially selected for the occasion. Don’t think twice, and book your table in Bendito for July 14!

4. Marine Menu at Batik

Summer arrives, and Malaga tastes like sea and beach. Therefore, Batik wanted to pay tribute to the Mediterranean Sea with an excellent seafaring menu and live music. Can you think of a better plan than this Malaga event?


Following July 19 at 8.30 p.m., Batik dresses up to welcome summer and invites you to taste an excellent selection of plates full of marine flavours. Would you like to try the Galician mussels with chile morita sauce and pico de gallo? Or do you fancy the Grilled corvina with cauliflower and sweet potato curry? It will be a real challenge to resist this marine menu.



In addition, as usual in any Premium gastronomic experience, all dishes can be accompanied with the best selection of the winery, such as the delicious Fraga do Corbo, with D.O. Monterrei Godello. And what is more, the event will be animated with live music to offer diners an ideal environment to let themselves be carried away by the senses. Don’t you forget something? Book your table, and don’t miss the opportunity to try them!

5. New Menu at La F√°brica

The constant desire for evolution of La F√°brica leads us to a new menu. From July 6, and to welcome the new season, a host of new and fresh dishes arrive at the restaurant in Malaga’s Soho and await your arrival to be tasted and paired with the best craft Cruzcampo beers. In addition, this July awaits numerous beer experiences you will not want to miss. Are you wondering what’s on in Malaga?

We suggest you visit La F√°brica microbrewery, where eating and drinking is an art. Furthermore, in July, we will host countless artists to delight diners with the best live music. Besides, you will have the opportunity to visit La F√°brica with tastings, either traditional or blind, as well as take part in free express tastings or free pulling beer workshops. You can even participate in a beer escape room! What are you waiting for to book the experience you like the most? Don’t be left wanting!

What’s on in Malaga in August:

1. Feria de Malaga

If we talk about parties in Malaga, undoubtedly one of the most important for Malaga people is the Feria de Malaga. In mid-August and for 10 days the city dresses up and brims with fun wherever you go. If you do not know what we are talking about, you can not miss it; it is the perfect opportunity to see and experience first-hand the authentic Malaga folklore.

This fair officially begins with a fireworks display at midnight on the first Friday, which this year will be August 11th. In this annual event, which brings together a large number of locals and visitors, you will be able to experience an endless number of daytime celebrations, horseback riding, dressage competitions, tasting of tapas and wines during the day in the centre, performances by national artists in the stands during the night, etc. Depending on what you fancy doing each day, you can decide between visiting the streets of the historic centre from noon to 6 p.m. to celebrate together with several groups of traditional songs and dances, such as verdiales, and combat the high temperatures with a very cold Cartojal wine, or walking through the streets of the Cortijo de Torres Fairground from noon to 6‚ÄĮa.m., tasting countless tapas with your drink in the different stands and witnessing the traditional horse carriage exhibitions.¬†


As you can see, options are endless and for all tastes. In either of the two traditional locations of this popular Malaga event you will have the opportunity to live an amazing experience in style. And don’t let the hot weather stop you! You will only need a fan or hat and a very fresh drink to start dancing. But the party does not end at night. At the Cortijo de Torres Fairground you will find a wide variety of free access stands for all tastes: family, children, youth and the elderly; more traditional or more lively and, of course, with air conditioning. In addition, do not forget the outdoor concerts in the auditorium or the typical fair attractions, which you can try from the early afternoon until dawn. Do you need more? Come and have fun like never before! 

Enjoy the Most Premium Plans During the Feria de Malaga

If you want to experience this Malaga event in the best possible way, do not miss the most exclusive plans that Grupo Premium has prepared in its different spaces. Read on!

1.1. Feria de Malaga in Bendito

As it could not be otherwise, the Malaga Premium Hotel has also joined the Feria de Malaga 2023 celebration. On this occasion, the Bendito restaurant is getting ready and preparing a multitude of surprises for all those who visit it during this incredible week for Malaga.

During this Malaga event, Bendito will premiere an exceptional menu in which a different cuisine concept will stand out, perfect for the festive atmosphere that invades the fair. What do you think about sharing delicious dishes with your friends while listening to the most upbeat music? We suggest you try the Fried banana with cochinita pibil and homemade guacamole… You won’t be disappointed. Or you may prefer to enjoy the exclusive tacos of various breads and exquisite fillings. Dare try the Flying Campero, with marinated chicken wings and candied in its juice, which will make the most demanding palates fall in love. And don’t forget to taste the delicious Pecan-melted brownie to leave with a good taste in your mouth.

And if you want to dance and do not want to sit at the table, Bendito launches a different dish concept, only suitable for the bravest. Ready to try new delicacies while shaking the contents of a bag? You will only need a bag with a mix of spices, a sauce, and the will to shake it off. If you accept our advice, try the Grilled corn cobs with onion butter, coriander, and shichimi togarashi; the taste of the typical fairground maize with innovative touches that will not go unnoticed.

Suppose you liked this Premium plan for one of the most popular Malaga activities in Bendito. In that case, we will be happy to welcome you from August 12 to 20th with extended cooking hours from 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

1.2. Feria de Malaga in La F√°brica

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy this Malaga event, your next destination is La F√°brica. In this brewery and restaurant in the heart of Soho in Malaga, you can celebrate surrounded by good food, great live music, and the best craft beers. What are you waiting for to celebrate the fair as it deserves?


From August 11 to 20, La F√°brica opens its doors and invites you to experience the Feria de Malaga 2023 intensely. If you are one of the stalwart lovers of craft culture, you will know that art is always eaten, danced, and imbibed in this restaurant. And even more so at the fair!

Celebrate the Malaga fair by tasting the delicious tapas of La F√°brica while battling the heat with a cold beer. In addition, this week, La F√°brica will have the pleasure of having many artists whose live music will make you dance until the body can hold up.

Now, don’t forget to write down the dates for a visit to the Feria de Malaga concert centre: La F√°brica. Concert sessions are divided into two passes: at 1:30¬†pm and at 5:00¬†pm. And don’t let the rhythm stop!

1.3. Feria de Malaga at The Rooftop Terraces of Apartamentos M√°laga Premium

Do you feel that your desire for the fair is increasing? Well, wait, more Premium plans are yet to come. Apartamentos M√°laga Premium also joins the celebration and invites you to experience one of the most popular activities in Malaga differently, from the heights. Let’s see what surprises they have in stock for us!

As you know, Apartamentos M√°laga Premium has two buildings on Granada Street and San Telmo Street, with their corresponding rooftop terraces: La Terraza del Quiz√°s and La Terraza de San Telmo. Both are the ideal place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle that our city experiences during this celebration and relax with magnificent views. Do you feel like discovering another way to experience the feria?

Relax with the casual and colourful style of La Terraza del Quiz√°s and treat yourself to a moment of total disconnection surrounded by your friends and the incredible views that the centre of Malaga has to offer. In addition, you can refresh yourself by trying one of the exquisite cocktails created by expert bartenders.


If you are looking for a break from the atmosphere of the Feria de Malaga and you dare to enjoy this alternative and relaxed plan, do not forget about La Terraza de San Telmo. Located on the top floor of our Apartamentos M√°laga Premium, this terrace invites you to live an unforgettable experience. Move to more exotic environments thanks to its ethnic style decoration, contemplate a beautiful sunset with Malaga centre as a backdrop, and taste the most select cocktails of our experts. Are you ready to experience a different feria? We will be waiting for you!


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