Discover the Best Beaches in Malaga Where You Can Enjoy Your Favourite Plans All Year Round

Discover the Best Beaches in Malaga Where You Can Enjoy Your Favourite Plans All Year Round. Sun, beaches, sand… are the best combination to disconnect and enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday. But the beautiful beaches in Malaga also offer a multitude of plans for those who want something different all year round. Whether you want to spend the day with family, stroll and watch the sunset, escape the hustle and bustle in one of the coves in Malaga or even carry out more adventurous plans, in this guide, you will find everything you are looking for. Do you have your bathing suit and towel ready? Here we go!


The Best Beaches in Malaga for Diving

If you like sea sports such as diving or snorkel, we propose some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga where you can do this type of activities. Keep reading and get to know the best places to discover marine fauna and flora.

  1. El Ca├▒uelo Cove, Nerja

Nerja is known for hosting the most beautiful coves in Malaga. Tiny coves, beaches of fine sand and a beautiful crystal-clear sea, you can find it all in this well-known town on the Costa del Sol. In addition, thanks to its location between cliffs, beaches are perfect for scuba diving.

The beach of El Ca├▒uelo Cove, in particular, is one of the favourite beaches for divers. Despite being one of the most remote beaches in the town, mainly due to difficult access, its excellent location in the natural landscape of the Cliffs of Maro and Cerro Gordo makes it the ideal beach to dive. The main attraction lies, of course, in the steep cliffs that surround the cove and house an endless number of sea caves. Furthermore, under the sea there is a great diversity of animal and plant species, such as the famous orange coral.

  1. La Galera Beach, Estepona

Another of the best beaches in Malaga to dive is located in Estepona. In this city you can find an extensive coastline full of beautiful seabeds. Therefore, it is one of the favourite destinations for diving lovers.

La Galera beach, located in the western part of Estepona, has everything you need to dive and go deep into the sea. Its sand is fine and dark and rocky areas are perfect for diving and discovering a large number of sea species.

Also, since this beach is not usually overcrowded, all kinds of water sports are usually practised there: windsurfing, diving, paddle surfing, etc. And, when you have finished diving, you can always explore the surroundings and visit the “Galera Tower”, which gives name to this amazing beach.

  1. Las Arenas ÔÇô El Gobernador Beach, Manilva

Our last suggestion in this list of the best beaches in Malaga to dive is Las Arenas ÔÇô El Gobernador beach, located in Manilva town. This rocky beach is part of El Negro beach and extends to La Sardina Cove. Since it is surrounded by cliffs and rocky areas, it is the perfect place to practise sport fishing or take a bath in the Mediterranean Sea.

If you go into its waters to dive, you can explore a beautiful seabed that perfectly combines sand and rocks and that gives shelter to many marine beings. Prepare to discover an entire underwater world! Also, do not miss the beautiful coves of Malaga that surround this beach and let yourself be surprised by the beautiful images they offer.

el gobernador beach malaga


Best Beaches in Malaga for Magical Sunsets

Our city is known for offering fantastic sunsets wherever you look, but did you have the opportunity to watch the sunsets in Malaga when the sea turns red? It’s just magical. That’s why we want to suggest some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga where you can enjoy this show by Mother Nature.

  1. Ba├▒os del Carmen Beach

Just 20 minutes from our holiday apartments in Malaga, you will find the famous beach of Ba├▒os del Carmen. Its excellent location and its privileged views over the Mediterranean and the Bay of Malaga make this one of the best beaches in Malaga from which to contemplate the local panorama.

In this urban oasis, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the company of the pleasant sea breeze and the soothing roar of the waves, without any building obstructing the view. In addition, if you want to live a complete experience, we invite you to walk along the picturesque promenade of Pedregalejo, the oldest fishing district in the city.

  1. La Cala del Moral Beach and its Cantal Cliffs

A little further away from the city centre is the beach of La Cala del Moral. In the municipality of Rincon de la Victoria, widely known for its beautiful beaches and wide promenades, we discover an urban and family beach made of dark sand. Although it is a very popular beach, it is ideal if you want something relaxed, because its large extension facilitates the task of finding a space to sit and spend the day on the beach.

However, what makes this place one of the best beaches in Malaga to admire the sunset is the Cantal area. Located between the towns of La Cala del Moral and Rincon de la Victoria, this promenade runs through the tunnels of the old railway and next to small cliffs, where you can appreciate the continuous break of the waves against the rocks. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk through its cliffs and be surprised by the wonderful sunsets that await you from the already known Malaga Balcony.

  1. Calahonda Beach

The small Calahonda beach is one of the most photographed coves in Malaga, by both locals and visitors. Located in the heart of the beautiful village of Nerja and right under the famous Balcon de Europa, this beach of just 120 meters stands out for its dark grey sand and its turquoise blue waters. Despite its small size, this beautiful semi-urban beach has all the necessary services and attracts hundreds of tourists, so it is usually very crowded.

calahonda beach nerja malaga


After spending a wonderful day on the beach refreshing in its crystal clear waters, do not forget to climb the Balcon de Europa, from where you can admire the entire coast and watch a beautiful sunset. Practice your best poses for the most photographed place in the city!


Best Beaches in Malaga to Spend the Day with Family

Do you want to spend the day with your family on the most beautiful beaches in Malaga? If you are looking for the best options for adults and children to enjoy the sea, do not miss the different updates on our guide. Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about the best beaches in Malaga to go with the whole family.

  1. Misericordia Beach, Malaga

Whether you take one of the bus lines available from our holiday apartments in Malaga or if you choose to go by car, this is one of the best beaches in Malaga to go with family. A few minutes from Malaga downtown and just a few steps away from all the infrastructure and shops it offers, the Misericordia beach is perfect to discover the west coast of the city with the whole family.

This beautiful beach in Malaga is characterised by soft dark sand that contrasts with its clear and calm waters. In addition, Misericordia is a shallow beach with few waves, so your children can enjoy the sea with no danger.

misericordia beach malaga


In addition to the basic services of footbaths and showers, this beach offers you spaces where you can surf, an accessible beach point and a wide promenade with a cycle lane. Enjoy a pleasant tour admiring the different statues by the Antonio Banderas Promenade, take pictures of the iconic square with the name of the beach and the sundial or let the little ones take a dip in the large water park located near La T├ęrmica.

  1. Infancia Beach, Torre del Mar

Another of the best beaches in Malaga to go with children is located in Velez-Malaga. Torre del Mar has a beach designed for the enjoyment of the whole family: the Infancia beach. This huge children’s theme park offers more than 30 elements for children to have a great time: a castle, swings, trains and adapted rocking horses. In addition, every night the little ones will be able to attend a storytelling show starring princes and princesses sitting on their royal thrones.

infancia beach torre del mar malaga

Next to the palm area where the storytelling takes place, this beautiful beach of Malaga has several Bookcrossing points and a Biblioplaya, a library with options for the whole family. In this cultural space, you can find books, press and board games for adults as well as tales, games, drawings and crafts for children. There are also people attending you in whatever you may need and a relaxing space where you can read a book.

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to finish the day enjoying a quiet walk along Torre del Mar and its beautiful promenade. A perfect plan!

  1. Los Álamos Beach, Torremolinos

You already know the best beaches in Malaga to go with the little ones. However, in this guide, we also think about those teenagers who are looking for a little fun.

We introduce you to Los ├ülamos Beach, located between Playamar beach and the western limit of MalagaÔÇÖs city. This stunning beach is known for its golden sand and its moderate waves and offers a wide range of leisure and water sports. Here, your children can enjoy a trip aboard a pedal boat or, if they are more adventurous, they can dare with a banana or jet boat ride. What about visiting the Paddle Surf and Kitesurf school?

alamo beach torremolinos malaga

Tired of so many adventures? If that is the case, don’t worry because this beach has a lot to offer. Thanks to its large extension, this beautiful beach in Malaga is ideal to take long walks along its shore and enjoy the pleasant temperatures and the best atmosphere of the Costa del Sol. Can you think of a better plan?

Best Beaches in Malaga: for Paddle Surf

If you come to Malaga searching for water sports, be sure you can quench your thirst in the more than 150 kilometers of Costa del Sol. One of the most fashionable water sports on our coasts is paddle surf. Completely unknown just a few years ago and today is the favourite sport of many locals and visitors who enjoy the calm waters of the beaches of Malaga.

Are you ready to paddle and discover the secrets of the best beaches in Malaga?

  1. Rinc├│n de la Victoria Beach: Family Days and Paddle Surf

One of the most familiar beaches in Malaga, it is also one of the most sought-after for paddle surfing or “SUP” (from stand-up paddle). Its kilometers and kilometers of sand, its soft waves, and all the services it offers on the beach and the surrounding areas make this beach a paradise for water sports.

Whether you are new to the practice of this water sport on the beach or already an advanced paddler, you will surely enjoy this space. For beginners: paddle surf schools on this Malaga beach also offer pilates and yoga courses (both on the sand and on the board). They will also be able to teach the little ones in the family.

The most advanced can have fun with the occasional small waves of this beach or visit the rocky overhangs that separate Rinc├│n de la Victoria beach and La Cala del Moral. Another ideal plan for those who have their hands hardened by the hours of rowing on their paddle board is the challenge of touring the entire beach with technical stops in the different beach bars or chiringuitos. What a privilege!

  1. Guadalmar Beach: A Fun Sea and River-Side Route for Paddle Surfing in Malaga

If you have your own board or rent it in a nearby establishment, you can enjoy a unique paddle surf route in Malaga. Do you like nature? Do you ever know if you’re more of a beach or mountain person? We will not get to the mountains here, but you can enjoy a coastal and river landscape in a few rows.

From the beach of “Sacaba” to the west of the capital, you can leave with your board in a west direction, searching for the mouth of the Guadalhorce River. This route will take you through a protected natural landscape, in which, with some luck, you can admire the local and migratory fauna. This place is a breeding area for numerous local birds and those who seek our quiet and protected coasts before embarking on their way back to the heart of Africa.

The mouth of the Guadalhorce River creates a delta, a riverine island, which we can surround with the paddle board. This ensures that both the coastline and the river section will be covered by calm waters in which to soak up nature. Of course, remember that you are in a natural place, and you must take care of the environment and respect the local fauna. So every time you return, you can enjoy wildlife in its purest form.

Best Hidden Beaches in Malaga

In summer, we seek to rest, disconnect from the routine, and flee the daily hustle and bustle. Therefore, it is expected to look for versatile accommodations that make you feel at home, such as Apartamentos Málaga Premium and hidden beaches that take you away from the crowding of the most touristy coasts. Pay attention to the locals and follow our tips to find those most hidden and almost deserted beaches that will make you enjoy your holidays in Malaga as you would never have thought.

  1. Hidden Beaches of Doncella and Ca├▒uelo

The hidden beach of Ca├▒uelo in Maro (Costa del Sol Oriental) is the largest. It is located in the Natural Park of the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo. It is a beach of dark sand and gravel with a contained extension of about 400 meters of sand. It is usually popular in summer, but you will enjoy an exceptional family and local atmosphere. To protect the landscape and the environment, access by car in the summer months is restricted.


The most daring will be able to discover Cala de la Doncella, one of the hidden beaches in Malaga preferred by locals and visitors. East of Ca├▒uelo beach, it isn’t easy to access and, therefore, most bathers choose to access from the water either by kayak or paddle surf.

The crystal-clear waters, the excellent conservation of the environment, and the local fauna and flora make these hidden coves a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Do you dare to try them?

  1. Cala de Tarzán in Nerja

In the municipality of Oriental de Nerja is the Cala de Tarzan. This cove has rock formations from which locals and visitors jump into the water from around 4 or 5 meters. So, it should be no surprise that young locals are taking over the best jumping spots.

If you are looking for great emotions, spend the day playing in the water and avoid the sand. The cove of Tarzan has everything you are looking for, and it’s 200 meters of walk from the parking lot along a somewhat steep path. Indeed, they are worth it.


In addition, a few meters from the cove, you can visit the underwater cave of “Cueva del Lobo Marino.” Contact local leisure and adventure companies for a safe visit. Also, remember that the beaches are to enjoy and have fun on the hot summer days. So, if the tide doesn’t follow, don’t play it.

  1. Viborilla Beach in Benalmadena

Another of Malaga’s hidden and lesser-known beaches is located in Benalm├ídena. Their names can be confusing, but make no mistake: we are talking about La Viborilla beach and not the neighboring Las Viborillas beach (purely nudist beach). Will it be a strategy to keep this beach secret?


This beach is surrounded by dense vegetation and small cliffs that give it that unique charm that, in Malaga, we usually associate with the eastern coast. Another distinctive element of this beach is that, unlike the surrounding beaches, it is composed of rocks and small stones, which keep the water clearer than what we usually see on this side of the coast of Malaga.

And remember, this is an ever-evolving guide. Stay alert and you will be able to discover the latest news to make the most out of the best beaches in Malaga. Perfect plans to round off your stay in Apartamentos Málaga Premium. Rely on Premium Group for unique experiences in an unparalleled city!

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