Accommodation Offer for Malaga CF: at Premium Group We Play as a Local

Are you aware of the new accommodation offer in Malaga? At Premium Group we play as a local and we want to offer the best Premium life experiences to subscribers of the Málaga CF. That’s why we offer an incredible 15% discount on our holiday apartments in Malaga and all Premium Group hotels. Isn’t that amazing? We’ll tell you more details!

Our Holiday Apartments in Malaga Are Also Supporters of Málaga CF

From the beginning, at Premium Group we have defined ourselves as a hotel group whose purpose is to satisfy our customers and offer them the best experiences of Premium life. For us, it is very important that the people from Malaga, as well as visitors, enjoy their city and that is the reason why we continue growing.

We have already been growing for ten years in our Malaga, a beautiful cosmopolitan and cultural city. Since we started with La Terraza Oasis and continued with Alcazaba Premium and Malaga Premium hotels, each with its restaurants and terraces until we opened Malaga’s Soho La Fábrica and our recently inaugurated Apartamentos Málaga Premium, we have taken all your needs into account and we have managed to create a wide variety of establishments where quality is guaranteed. Restaurants, terraces, hotels, apartments… everything you need to live authentic premium experiences.

Enjoy the Amazing Accommodation Offer for Málaga CF

However, in our tireless eagerness to surprise you, we want to complete this incredible offer with a Malaga nuance. So, thanks to the collaboration with Málaga CF and the campaign “Jugamos de local”, we offer you a fantastic accommodation offer in Malaga. All members of the Málaga CF can enjoy a 15% discount on our accommodation offer, either in Alcazaba Premium and Málaga Premium hotels or in Apartamentos Málaga Premium. Because we want you to play as a local too!

What are you waiting for to enjoy this incredible offer? Come to our establishments and live the authentic Premium life with a wonderful stay. We will be waiting for you!

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