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Do you want to organize your next family plans in Malaga and you run out of ideas? At Apartamentos Málaga Premium we want to help you make your stay in Malaga a unique memory and we have prepared a complete guide to help you find inspiration for your family plans. There is something for everyone of all ages! In addition, our guide is updated regularly, which means that every time you visit it you will find new ideas and places to visit with the whole family. Can you think of a better plan?


Malaga Parks: Outdoor Family Plans to Enjoy Like a Child

What better plan to spend the day with the little ones than an excursion to some parks in Malaga? These family plans are usually the most popular, because children enjoy them so much while interacting with nature and doing physical activity outdoors. In addition, it is the perfect opportunity to leave home, escape from the routine and, why not, to enjoy a long walk.

Parque de Malaga


  1. Parque del Oeste

A good family plan in Malaga is to stroll through the well-known Parque del Oeste (Western Park). Located between the districts of Santa Paula and La Paz, this Malaga park stands out for its privileged enclave next to the Antonio Banderas promenade and offers endless options for activities.

With its convenient bus connection from our apartments and an area of almost 74,000 m2 (ca. 800,000 sqft), Parque del Oeste is an ideal place to enjoy a wide variety of animals and plants. In the immense artificial lake inside, you can admire turtles, carps or swans. There is also an enclosure that houses emus, wallabies and birds such as the lovebird or the parakeet. And when you’ve seen all the animals, don’t miss the wide variety of plant species and the impressive statues that surround the paths. An authentic open air museum!

Parque del oeste


Those looking for children’s parks in Malaga will love Parque del Oeste. Enjoy its spacious children’s play areas and a new musical area. In addition, visitors can enjoy sports such as football or basketball or even prepare a family picnic at the tables set up for this purpose. And don’t forget that this park also has an outdoor gym for the elderly and a dog park for dogs of all sizes. Here the whole family will have lots of fun!

  1. El Morlaco Forest Park

We continue with family plans in the wild! El Morlaco Forest Park, with almost 162,000 m2 (ca. 1.5M sqft), extends from the neighbourhoods of Cerrado de Calderón and Parque Clavero to almost the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Promenade. This vast park in Malaga is the ideal place to contemplate the wide variety of local plants and animals that it houses.

Among its vegetation, there is mainly a very dense Carrasco pine forest, under which you can take shelter from the sun and heat and enjoy a walk protected from high temperatures. In addition, children will contemplate trees such as cypress and eucalyptus, and herbaceous plants such as asparagus and rosemary. On the other hand, with a little luck, in this place you can admire red squirrels, chameleons or goldfinch, among many others. In this park the children will surely have fun!

Parque forestal el morlaco


El Morlaco is also one of the most popular children’s parks in Malaga, as its interior houses large children’s leisure areas and picnic tables to spend the day with the family, as well as recreation areas for dogs. Finally, do not leave without looking at the views from the two incredible viewpoints this park offers.

  1. Parque de Malaga and Its Surroundings

Just a ten-minute walk from our holiday apartments in Malaga, the Parque de Malaga, also known as Paseo del Parque or Parque de la Alameda, has an area of more than 30,000 m2 (ca. 325.000 sqft). Its wide and long walks are the ideal place to enjoy family plans, especially for botanical lovers. Here you can not only admire a wide variety of plant and animal species, but you will also have the opportunity to see emblematic buildings such as the National Bank, the Rectorate of the University of Malaga, the City Hall or the Museum of Malaga. We also recommend strolling through the nearby Puerta Oscura and Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens, two picturesque corners where you can relax while enjoying the views.

If you are looking for a plan for children, this children’s park in Malaga will not disappoint you. Let your children discover all the leisure areas hidden under the tree dome of this magnificent botanical garden while relaxing in one of its bars and kiosks. This park also has a large outdoor auditorium where concerts and shows of all kinds are held.

Parque malaga


When you finish your walk through this wonderful park in Malaga, continue your visit to Muelle Uno and the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, a space where both adults and children will enjoy. You will be able to visit shops and handicraft markets, the Centre Pompidou Museum in Malaga, let the children enjoy their leisure areas or contemplate the sea and the city centre at sunset.

What do you think about this selection of family plans in Malaga? Remember that this guide offers constant updates, so don’t miss all the ideas we have to offer and get the most out of our city. Live unique experiences together with the Premium Group!

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