Security and Housekeeping

Safety, hygiene and well-being for you to rest in a safe environment

At our holiday apartments in Malaga, we take care of every detail to make it the best refuge during your trip. One of our priorities at all the establishments that make up Grupo Premium is to make sure that we offer a safe and clean environment, and our commitment to this has strengthened due to the current public health situation.

Your well-being and safety come first and to ensure this, we have implemented a series of measures to protect the health of both our guests and our staff:

  • Firstly, we take extreme care to ensure our apartments are clean, hygienic and ventilated, particularly after guests have stayed with us. This way, new guests come into a space that has been thoroughly disinfected and is entirely clean.
  • For the disinfection of bed linen and towels, we use a washing treatment at a temperature above 60 °C. We also remove used clothes in a sealed bag so that there is not the slightest contact with clean clothes.
  • We use a special treatment for surfaces, fabrics and other items that are frequently used, such as light switches, door handles and draw and cabinet pulls, among others. Furthermore, items such as TV remotes have protective covers. No detail escapes our eye!
  • We also pay special attention to surfaces, furniture and bathrooms. We thoroughly clean and disinfect the walls, kitchen counters, shower and taps, toilet and bathtub. We have installed dispensers for shower gel and shampoo to make cleaning and disinfection easy when you return to your apartment during your stay.
  • Finally, we have leveraged technology to bring many of our processes into the digital age. This way, we have been able to reduce the waiting times at check-in and we have replaced the physical key with electronic access with a mobile phone.

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